Plantronics BackBeat 903

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What a shame ebay only lets you write a review for CDs and DVDs but I hope to sneak this review through under the guise of a product guide...

I bought the Plantronics Backbeat 903 wireless bluetooth in-ear headphones in December 2009 and they weren't perfect but offered lots of benefits over traditional earbuds.  Shame they died after just 1 year.

Ease of use:      8/10  Sometimes wouldn't connect with my Samsung G600 but freedom from snagging wires!
Comfort & fit:   6/10  Earbuds had an annoying habit of not staying put and wire at back can snag coat collar
Looks:             9/10  Discrete and hitech!
Range:             8/10  Up to 5m from my phone
Battery life:      9/10  Lasts all week (2 hours per day)
Features:          8/10 Bass boost, microphone (hands free calls and for listening to bystander/announcements)
Reliability:        2/10 Mic and pause button broke off at month 6.  Completely died at month 12.  Hmmmph!
Overall:            7/10 Would recommend but for comfort and reliability.

Loved - Stereo music listening combined with hands free calls freedom - no irritating wires!  The sound quality is actually very good when the earbuds were in place (which was never for long).
Hated - Dying on me just a few days after the guarantee expiry.  Though adjustable, the earbuds just wouldn't stay in my ear canals meaning that I never got the best sound.  But perhaps I have unusually shaped ears.

Summary:  Worth a try if you are not strapped for cash.  If they fit you OK and your set proves reliable you will love them!
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