Plants For Shade, North Facing Walls and Dark Gardens

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Plants tolerant of deep shade can sometimes be difficult to find,  I had an area in my garden which needed screening but nothing really grew there because there was no sunshine and the fence was solid, so anything that was planted in this area just died. I therefore expermented with bamboo plants and have found that there are some very good bamboo plants that are tolerant of deep shade. For Great bamboo plant seed visit  our seed-garden store

These plants are

Chimonbambusa mamorea and quadrangularis, Fargesi murielae, fargasia nitida, Indocalamus latifolius, Indocalamus tesselatus, Pleioblastus argentesostriastus Akebono, pleioblastus gramineus, pleioblastus hindsii, Pleioblastus linearis, pleiblastus simonii, pseudosana japonica and most species of the Sasa bamboo plant.

I have used the Sasa variety, Sasa is Japenses and means thin, this relates to the thin culms of the bamboo plant which are onlly a couple of mm thick.  I particulaly like this bamboo plant because I wanted to cover a large area and it is very tolerate of low extreme temperatures.

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