Plastic Dining Room Chairs Buying Guide

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Plastic Dining Room Chairs Buying Guide

A dining room is the conversational centrepiece of any home. It is where traditions begin and memories are made. To this effect, it is important to decorate a dining room with affordable, fashionable furniture and accessories. The furniture within a dining room should be tasteful yet functional. The selection of the dining room table and chairs decides the room’s focal point or centre. The eye of the observer is immediately drawn to them when entering the room. What statement do they make? Do they give a more modern feel to the room or are they vintage in style?

Dining chairs are almost always made of wood, but it is possible to find very stylish plastic dining room chairs. Some of the world’s leading furniture designers have fashioned exquisite dining room chairs from plastic. When shopping for plastic dining room chairs, the buyer should be familiar with the the most popular types and styles of plastic dining room chairs, as well as table dimensions, and the different types plastic materials used to manufacture dining room chairs. eBay offers various types and styles of plastic dining room chairs at affordable prices.

Chair and Table Dimensions

Before selecting the type of plastic dining room chair for the dining room, first, select and measure the dining table. The number of dining chairs depends on the size of the table. Is the table long enough to accommodate at least six chairs, four side chairs and two armchairs at the ends, or is it more of a pedestal table that accommodates only four chairs?

The size of the room should also play a factor in determining the size of the table and number of chairs. Make sure there is enough room for the chairs to fit comfortably under the table. The chairs should not hit the wall when they are moved away from the table. Dining room chair dimensions include height from the top of the chair to the floor, width from side-to-side, depth from the front of the chair to the back, and, usually, height of the seat from the seat of the chair to the floor.

Ideally, there should be approximately 46 to 61 cm from the table to the chairs when seated. The height of the table should be approximately 25 to 30 cm higher than the height of the chairs. Remember that armchairs need more clearance underneath the table than side chairs. The buyer also needs to consider spacing and number of chairs. There should be at least 61 to 76 cm between the chairs.

Lastly, it is important to check the manufacturer’s dimensions of the type of chair selected and compare it with the table measurements made at home before purchasing it. If the chairs and table come as a set, the dimensions will already be correct.

Types of Plastic Dining Room Chairs

It is important to select plastic dining room chairs that look stylish. They must be durable, yet comfortable to sit in. Plastic dining room chairs come as armchairs or side chairs in all styles and colours.The popular types of plastic dining room chairs are the Eames Eiffel Chair, the Panton S Chair, the Ghost Chair, in a variety of models, and the Gel Chair.

The Eames Eiffel Chair

The Eames Eiffel Chair is modelled after the 1948 award-winning, low-priced furniture design by Charles and Ray Eames. This timeless design is still popular today for its affordability, sturdiness, and durable and easy-to-clean finish. It comes in a variety of colours and is made of polypropylene. The DSW version has a wooden base with steel rods that support the chair. It is the supporting steel rods that give the chair its Eiffel Tower-like appearance. There is a deep, bucket seat and a high, supportive back. The edge of the seat is moulded, in such a way, to alleviate pressure from the back and legs.

The Verner Panton S Chair

The Verner Panton S Chair has also been renowned for its many awards in the area of modern design. The modern "S" shape is sleek and comfortable. It does not exert any undue stress on the body. Through the use of injection moulding, it is the first plastic chair designed from one continuous mould. It is made of polypropylene and fibreglass. It resists fading. Glossy lacquer is used on some versions.

The Ghost Chair

The Ghost Chair is reminiscent of the Baroque Period with its Louis XV, Elizabeth, and Victoria-style chairs. It is made from a single mould injection of polycarbonate. It is a very sturdy, durable, comfortable chair. It is also stackable. The Louis Ghost Chair is an armchair with a round-shaped back. The Elizabeth Ghost Chair is a side chair with an oval-shaped back. The Victoria Ghost Chair is a side chair with a round-shaped back.

The Gel Chair

The Gel Chair is a very contemporary style of plastic dining chair. It is made from styrene acryl nitryl that gives it a gel-like, transparent look. It has a metal, lacquered frame. It is good for small spaces and is stackable. It comes in many different colours. The buyer should always inquire if the chair is made from recycled plastic. Many manufacturers work to be environmentally-friendly by offering recyclable products.

The following table provides chair measurements (rounded to the nearest cm) for the four types of plastic dining chairs.





Seat Height

Eames Eiffel





Panton S





Louis Ghost





Elizabeth Ghost





Victoria Ghost










These measurements are for chair height, width, depth, and seat height. Manufacturers’ specifications may vary within a few centimeters. These measurements are approximations only.

Styles of Plastic Dining Room Chairs

For a vintage style with a modern look, the Eames Eiffel Chair is an updated version of the iconic 1948 style. It still maintains its classic eiffel trademark but incorporates new colours, finishes, and product materials.

The Panton S Chair is a study of modern design with its timeless "S" shape and uniform, seamless moulding. The eye-catching shape, vibrant colours, and painted lacquer finishes attract the attention of even the most casual observer.

For an elegantly traditional style with contemporary flair, the Baroque-style Louis XV, Elizabeth, and Victoria Ghost Chairs are good choices. The designs are classic, and the styling is cousin to the traditional wood dining chair. Buyers, desiring a more traditional dining chair look, should select a chair of this style.

For small dining spaces with a contemporary style, the Gel Chair is a good selection. It is easily stackable, and its transparent, gel-like finish works well with contemporary room decor. To achieve a retro modern style, shop for plastic dining room chairs with a metal or chrome frame. This gives the plastic dining chair a clean, classy look. It is also more affordable than a regular wood or upholstered dining chair.

Materials and Uses

With the advent of recyclable plastics and a more eco-friendly consciousness within consumer culture, it is important to know what effects, if any, certain plastics used to make dining room chairs have on the environment. Polypropylene is a relatively safe plastic. It is not physiologically hazardous after product completion. It is only during product production that there is any chemical toxicity. Polycarbonate or BPA mimics the hormone, oestrogen. Therefore, it is classified as a hazardous plastic. Styrene acrylonitrile or SAN is a safe, non-toxic plastic. Recent studies show no harmful health effects.

Plastic dining room chairs are not only used indoors in a formal dining room, but also outdoors. Outdoor dining has become quite popular, incorporating stylish plastic dining chairs that are durable, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant. The sturdy plastic chairs can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Buying Plastic Dining Room Chairs on eBay

eBay offers popular, affordable dining room chairs in all types, styles, and colours that other department stores or furniture shops may not stock. To locate plastic dining room chairs on eBay, simply go online to the eBay homepage and type in "plastic dining room chairs &" into the search bar. If you already know the type of chair, like its name, include this in the search query. Next, you will be taken to a results page. There you will find listings of descriptions for plastic dining chairs. If you select one of the descriptions, it will tell you the style of chair and sometimes the type of plastic used in making the chair.

Always check to see if the seller accepts returns in case the chair size is incorrect. If the chair is used, you should request close-up photos from the seller so you can examine the chair for any damage. You can contact the seller by going into their profile page and clicking on the contact link. You are able to sort the listings by top-rated sellers only. These are eBay sellers that have attracted the highest praise and feedback scores from other buyers. To identify listings by sellers with this ranking, select "eBay Top-Rated Sellers" under the "Seller" heading on the results page.


The important factors to consider when purchasing plastic dining room chairs are the types and styles of plastic dining room chairs, the types of plastic used in making the chairs, the chair and table dimensions, and additional uses for the chairs. The most important step is to first determine the correct size of chair needed for the table. The table and chairs must be appropriately matched. Next, select the type and style of chair to fit the room’s decor. A more modern decor might use the Panton S Chair to make a chic statement. A more traditional style could incorporate Louis Ghost armchairs and Victoria Ghost side chairs. Many plastic dining chairs can also double as outdoor dining chairs too. Whatever the style or intended effect, eBay offers a diverse variety of plastic dining room chairs for any budget, decor, or taste. eBay’s extensive listings reflect the increasing popularity and affordability of plastic dining room chairs.

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