Play PlayStation 1/ PS1 Games on a PlayStation 3/PS3 ?

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Did you know that PS1 games will work with all PS3/PlayStation 3 Consoles !

You just need to select and create a memory card manager file on your PS3 menu, when you insert the PS1 game the PS3 console will automatically prompt you to do this once the disc is put in, and you can create a PS1 memory card file and customise the name of the Memory card file ! . Then you are ready to play your PS1 game on your PS3 Console the best part is that the PS3 Console upscales the picture quality to 1080p if you have it connected via a HDMI Lead to your HD 1080p LCD, Plasma, or LED TV. (see My Guide about 1080p,  What Does 1080p Mean ?) The Picture quality is very clear ! on the old PS1 games when you do this !

You can also go into the system settings and game settings menu of the PS3 and select weather you want the PS3 to smooth the graphics or upscale non HD content on the games, which i didn't see much difference myself but you can judge the difference with different PS1 games.


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