PlayStation Network Collection Power Pack

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This is a 3 games in one pack for the PSP. Includes Beats, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and my favourate Flow.
Beats- is the usual press a button to the beat when the button symbol passes over the circle. Can be quite addictive but very repetitive. On the plus side according to the box you can play it with your own music. Must try that out sometime :o).
Syphon Filter: Combat Ops- very good graphics for a small game like this to be fitted on one disk with 2 other games. Customise the battleground and objective, then play with up to 7 other players online. Unfortunately could not quite sort out my connection to the internet, but if you have wireless connection at your place should not have too much of a problem.
Flow- a very unique game and this is why I bought this pack to play this most of the time. Very addictive, visuals are basic but impressive in its own way. Compared to some of the latest games out there. If you can remember Snake its very similar to that but in layers of atmospheric visuals. As you goble up other living sea creatures you begin to fill up the screen. This time no crashing into yourself or walls, but the bigger or longer you get the more vunrable you are to attack from other surrounding wild life. As you play through to the end you collect more and more creatures to play through again and again, with different obsticals to get around. Unfortunatly the game is a bit on the small side, as it can be completed in around a few hours. But Flow is a must for any gamer to experience its unequness in the gaming world and I hope theres a bigger sequal to come.
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