Playstation 1 Nightmare Creatures - Review

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Well I read the first review on Nightmare Creatures on this site, and needless to say compareing NC to Driver is kinda......whats the word......foolish. Sense the game came out a pretty long time ago, and its graphics a simple pixels compared to driver...if you want to judge by graphics anybody in there right mind would go for drivr. But Driver, and NC really have nothing in common...and the graphics are not all that bad. When i first played this game about 3 years ago I was in heaven, a very eerie enviroment, VERY fast moving...honestly one of the fastest 3rd person action games I've ever seen, and can we say GORE!!! In this game you have the ability to dismember your enemies every which way you can think of!!

Graphics:8 Not very bad for there time, very pixelated, but still not all that bad. The characters animations look nice, and all the attacks are followed by a blur of light...just like Soul blade!The gore is enough to blow your head through the ceilling! Attack a monster with a berzerker powered combo.....and you'll be rewarded with a shower of blood and amputated limbs! The level design Is very good all of them keep that errie feel that seems to run up your spine as you go through the game.....the rain effects blew me away at first sight!

Control:8 pretty good.....but you must understand NC is more of a fighting game than an adventure game, so new comers to the game well have trouble with them at first.

Sound:9 Very good every thing from the moans of zombies to the howling of the werewolfs are done well. The music is just a eerie as the rest of the helps alot in keeping you freaked out!!

Gameplay:7 Well the best thing about this game is the fighting as both characters have there own combos and special moves to master. The adrealine meter keeps you from doing any real exploring, but if you get the chacne to the levels are huge and well detailed. But this game is missing something that could of made it a #1 hit....puzzle solving. If combined with the aspects of tomb raider this would without a doubt would have been a #1 one seller for at least a week.

Story:8 Although simple its pretty good as the entire game you spend casing after Adam Crowly. Adam actually leads in a few audio samples to try and scare you off as you go level to level. The ending which i am not gonna give away is very short....but is still one of the best endings I have ever seen in a video game.

Replay value:2 The main problem with this game is that there are no hinden levels or extra endings to make you want to play it again. Although there are many cheat codes and so fourth...none of them really add to the replay value.

Buy or Rent?: Gore fiend=buy it
1800's novel fan=buy it
Action fan=buy it
Adventure fan=rent it
Fighting fan=buy it

Enough said. The only reason it don't directly recommend this game to fighting fans, is that the combanation of running about and fighting may seem strange at first. But needless to say if the actually play the game......they'll love it.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10
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