Playstation 3 60 GB VS 40 GB The Difference PS3

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Sony has released the 40 GB Playstation 3 and reduced the price. So is it better value or are we getting less for our money?

  • playstation 3 60 GB                                              Playstation 3 40 GB
  • 60 GB Hard drive                                                 40 GB Hard drive
  • Blu-Ray Compatible                                            Blu-Ray Compatible
  • WiFi (Wireless internet connection)                    WiFi
  • 4 USB Ports                                                         2 USB Ports
  • Memory card reader (4 in 1)                                No memory card reader
  • Playstation 1 and 2 compatible                           Playstation 1 compatible only
  • Wireless Sixaxis Pad                                          Wireless Sixaxis Pad
  • S.A.C.D (super audio CD)compatible                   No S.A.C.D compatibility
  • Region Free                                                        Region Free
  • Free Online gaming                                            Free Online gaming

Both play all Playstation 3 (PS3) games and Blu-Ray Discs, both have free online gaming with built in WiFi (wireless internet connection), built in web browser and a friends/chat system and they both have the wireless PS3 Sixaxis pad, so its really down to if you want to play Playstation 2 (PS2) games!  The reduced USB's and removed memory card reader dont matter so much, while they are handy already installed you can add them later externally. S.A.C.D compatibility is not essential either as very few cd's are made in this format. If you are unsure about what an S.A.C.D is, In 1999 Sony tried to replace standard audio cd's (Music on cd) with S.A.C.D's which stands for Super Audio Compact Disc, they hold more data and have a better sound quality but were still unpopular. All PS3's are region free, this means you can play games from any country, however if you think about buying an American or Asian PS3 console remember they will play English (UK PAL) PS3 games but not English DVD's or Blu-Ray's.

There have also been some cosmetic changes, the chrome trim and PS3 lettering has been replaced with a matt silver finish, the letters are now painted on. Where you lifted the front of the 60GB PS3 up to reveal the memory card reader no longer opens, its solid. There is also an air outlet for the fans which has been removed from the front of the console, people believe this helps to make it quieter as the air is not directed towards you. The 40 GB will be even quieter because Sony are replacing the current processor with one that produces less heat and uses less power, this processor will be in all new PS3's now or very soon.

  So there are small differences but it does do the same job at a smaller price. No PS2 compatibility is a real shame, Sony argue that now there is a larger selection of PS3 games we dont need the backwards compatibility? Whatever the case the recent price cut has seen PS3 sales rocket, this along with the Wii shortages and xbox 360's bad reputation for hardware failure should start Sony off to a good new year!

Still unsure which model you want, ask yourself these questions.....

  • Would you use the extra 20 GB of storage?
  • Do you want to play PS2 games on it ?
  • Will you need 4 USB's ports instead of 2?
  • Would you use the memory card reader?
  • Do you want to be able to play SACD's ?

If you answered No to all the questions then you will be more than happy with the 40 GB model, it does everything you need. However if you answered Yes to any of them I would go for the 60 GB model. You get all those extras and as a bonus you get the stylish Chrome trim!. If you do choose the 60 GB you better be quick as Sony have no plans to make any more.

still unsure which one to pick? Im happy to answer any questions you may have,  just send me a message and I will get back to you.

I have also written a guide on the 80GB PS3 and the new 160GB Limited Edition PS3 and how they compare to the 60GB and 40GB models, feel free to take a look.

I hope this was helpful to someone, all the best Jake (PJMCCLARNON)

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