Playstation 3 DO NOT BUY A 40G PS3! Assassins creed inf

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Just a little bit of information about the 40G PS3's YOU CAN NOT PLAY YOUR OLD PS2 GAMES ON THEM!!!

My friend brought a 40G version and was so upset when he realized all his PS2 games did not work on them! Although it may be cheaper to buy a 40G version the extra money is worth it to play the old games on! Also the smaller versions only have two controller ports instead of the 4 on the 60G+ versions!

The 60G version plays most of the ps2 games there are only a few that do not work!

Also another point, when playing any of the ps3 games for the first time, make sure you are connected to the internet so the latest versions of the game are installed!

"Assassins Creed" was almost unplayable due to freezing untill i updated the game!

Have a good x-mas everyone!!!!!!!

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