Playstation 3, Is It Worth The Money?

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Well plain and simple yes it is. Truly this is the king of the next generation consoles. Okay this is my NON FANBOY guide to the Sony Playstation 3.

Reasons to buy this amazing console:

  • Blu-ray - it is amazing, movies aswell look fantastic the attention to detail is stunning, every little grain and feature of a person or object is astounding.
  • Free online - some games have amazing single player (Uncharted: Drakes Fortune) but then theres multiplayer, its a whole new world of amazing, quick combat testing your skills against people all over the world. I mean you can play single player and be astounded but the multiplayer will blow your mind away, its so much fun like Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is astounding, you can literally play online for hours without a strain of bordom. And the best part about it, ITS FREE, unlike the X-Box 360 which you have to pay annually and now the Nintendo Wii is becoming pay per play so it will be the only free online service on the next gen consoles.
  • Games - Okay 2007 launch was a bad year with only two stand out exclusives (Resistance and Motorstorm) but now things are picking up and these great games will be available to you Playstation 3 owners only: Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, Gran Turisimo 5: Prolouge, Gran Turisimo 5, Haze, Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons Of Patriots, Unreal Tournament 3, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune 2, LittleBig Planet, Killzone 2 and there are so many more. I have tried the majority of these games and i can tell you they are amazing!
  • Compatability - You can plug in your USB disk and transfer all your files to the Playstation 3, you can also connect your PSP and connect the files from their or your phone or camera. It has a Web Browser also so you can go on the internet and download themes, wallpapers, videos, MP3's and many more things from there.
  • Playstation Store - Download themes and wallpapers to design your ps3 how you want it. Download the latest demos and trailers of your favourite movies. Soon there will be a i-tunes kind of store to buy MP3's straight to your ps3. You can get game add ons like additional maps for Unreal Tournament 3 and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • Just General Interesting Things About The Playstion 3 And Why You Should Buy It - Linux, you can download Linux which is like windows for your PS3 but obviously you can't download Windows because Microsoft and Sony are in the console war but its basically like Windows and can go on the internet through it and have like a notepad and other smart things. Bluetooth technology, connect things to the ps3 through bluetooth and the controllers are connected through bluetooth as well. Easy to use the menu, i found X-Box 360's menu very confussing and slow where as the Playstation 3's was so simple and easy to manouvre through the different things. Firmwire updates, you sometimes will get these updates and they are just improving upon the already amazing features and basically updating them. Thats the great thing it can do, use the internet to update the console. Six axis, unlike the Wii you dont have to point the motion sensors on the sensor pad like the Wii and also introducing the Dualshock 3 to the controller will make it all the much better. When is this motion sensor feature in the controllers used? Well in GTA IV you can control helicopters and bikes and also reload using it. In Uncharted, you use it to throw grenades and balence over logs. In Rachet and Clank, you get to fly with it. In MGS you can use it to control the little computer you get that moves around the battle field. Those are just a few examples. There is a problem with the ps3 which i will admit, graphically it is the best out of all the consoles, but only if you have a HDTV which you can buy for around £150 i have seen, you also need a HDMI cable otherwise the graphics look mediocre and not anything special but with the HDMI it is immense and totally amazing, if you got the money get some surround sound and it is like a totally different experience and you are just sucked into the game.

Seriously you will not regret buying this console, at the moment i can't think of all the other stuff which i will kick myself for later however once you buy this stunning console you can discover for yourself.

I would like to say i admire Sony, people are so choosy about the price, to be honest i would pay £900 for this console because it is everything a blu-ray player (£800) has and more and people are still whinning, seriously this thing is amazing it is like a super computer with everything all the other consoles have and more. Sony also lose money per unit, so basically to please you (the customers) they are losing a lot of money, so be happy and appreciate this fabulous piece of hardware. After i bought mine i couldn't stop playing it and play it literally everyday, I'm not a geek, i go out and everything, but it instead of T.V. time this takes over and rules my household.

To make this fair i will show some pro's of other consoles and why the ps3 still matchs them in everyway.

X-box 360: Quick downloads from the store and free headset

PS3 can match this depending on how fast your internet it then you will have quick downloads and headsets on the internet are about £5 now, also things like Eyetoy from the ps2 work on Playstation 3 and mine is from Socom Navy Seals game for the ps2 to prove it works.

Wii: fun for all the family with great family games and fun and easy controls with motion sensor.

PS3 can match this because games like LittleBigPlanet which is a family game with amazing HD graphics (the Wii doesen't have HD graphics, they are PS2 quality graphics) and fun for all the family and can also use the Six Axis controls which are motion sensored and you dont have to point it at the sensor bar all the time and ache your arm.

So all in all the Playstation 3 is one hell of a console, fun for all the family but i recommend it for hardcore gamers and people who were good on the PS2, its just like the PS3 but X20 better with new features like USB ports to plug in camera's and stuff to put on all your pictures and files and also a SD card reader to put your files on. Generally it out performs all the other consoles and is worth the £289.99 from with Gran Turisimo 5: Prolouge. I love my ps3 and it is generally the best console i have ever layed eyes on, buy it, you won't regret it.

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