Playstation 3 - PS3 Region Free WARNING!!!!!!!

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Hi to all that read this.

During my time here on ebay,I have noticed a lot of people cashing in on the fact that PS3 is REGION FREE.

I have decided to put up this posting AS A WARNING TO ALL PROSPECTIVE BUYERS OUT THERE since my first brave attempt at purchasing an NTSC IMPORT BACKFIRED ON ME!!!

Upon the arrival of my game (which was Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare),I learned the following things-

  1. On my HD TV,the game was displayed in BLACK & WHITE,apparently doesnt happen with ALL games,but it did with the one mentioned(COD4),my connection method is HDMI-HDMI.NOTE.I have not tested any other connection methods ;)
  2. (THIS IS THE KILLER REASON TO AVOID IMPORTS)!!!! Game does NOT SUPPORT DLC!!!!(down-load content)

As far as I know,all games outside of the EU & UK (PAL territories) are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PSN(Playstation network)This means that you probably WONT be able to receive any game patches/updates(so kiss away any online fun),& also WONT be able to download any add-on's released for NTSC titles...

So my advice is ,although,yes,PS3's are region free,but compatability is somewhat of a grey area,so stick to PAL versions if you intend to play games online and dont want to risk the chance that your game will appear in glorious Hi-Definition in black & white.!!.

If you insist on imports cos you want game ASAP.I recommend checking the Australian Ebay as all Oz's games are the SAME AS UK.They are ALSO PAL not NTSC ;-)

I hope this guide/warning helps save a lot of people hassle,time & money,because thats all I wasted when I got my 1st NTSC import

Happy Bidding y'aaaalllllll

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