Playstation 3 SCAMS, WATCH OUT!

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So i've been waiting 3 years now for the Playstation 3 to hit the shelfs in stores but found out ebay sellers was even cheaper than stores as i found out, so i purchased a Playstation 3 console from a seller, looked a nice genuine seller, even talked to him over the phone and he sounded like he knew what he was doing, infact in his Playstation 3 listing he also had receipts from Currys which looked real with his name on, i was guarenteed it by 24/3/07 before 1pm.

So i was waiting all day waiting for item that i had been waiting 3 years for, finally the day had come for me to recieve it, only to realise it never came, so i emailed him.. nothing..phoned his mobile..discontinued..infact i had messages from other sellers who bought Playstation 3 consoles and never recieved them too, we finally came to the conclusion we had been scammed, his ebay and paypal account got froze, he isn't allowed to recieve or withdraw funds from his paypal account until he prooves that he sent out the consoles, the stupid guy left his postcode on the receipt and got his real address. (evil)

What was so convincing we gave £400 of our money to a guy with 100% feedback, maybe because he had 100% feedback and he had sold items which was priced £200 and over with positive feedback recieved for that, giving out mobile details.

I used to think the only sellers who scammed people, was the people with 0 - 10 feedback, registered 10 days ago and had negative feedback BUT OHHH NO, now here stops the moaning and comes the advice in this review.

When sending out lots of cash, even if the seller has 100% feedback, make sure the seller has had more than one postive feedback in the last year, don't be fooled by a few positive feedbacks where he has spent £10 to get a few feedback to make him look genuine, infact now i come to think about it, even if they have listings that he sold something for a large sum of money and he has positive feedback don't automatically think hes genuine (just like i did.. maybe i'm just thick?) because they are not, just because you havn't been scammed like i wasn't before, it can happen to you at the most unlikely of times.

Just looking out for you, as this is a sensitive subject for me and i don't like to see it happen to you.

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