Playstation 3 games ARE ALL region FREE!

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My guide is simple.  To explain to you that ALL PS3 games ARE IN FACT - REGION FREE!

My name is Aaron Wise and I work for Sony Europe.  Many people out there are confused because there are people out there who think that PS3 games are not region free... but they are.

Here is an example i have taken from soneone's guide and i will point out where they are wrong.  First i will put their statement in bold/italic and my correction to their guide underneath.

Now, not many people know this and so I feel I have to put it up somewhere for people to read because there a lot of eBayers out there buying playstation 3 games from the United States cheaply and re-selling them here in the UK under the false guise that they are region free, this is simply not true!!! I have bought both Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4) and Call Of Duty 4 (COD4) and they were both from the US and did not work properly on the UK PS3,

This i have to point out made me laugh.  The topic of this other persons guide was ps3 games are not region free but clearly in his statement he shoots himself in his own foot by saying the words, does not work properly.  Now there are two things wrong with his statement.

1st - He stated that they work, just not properly, in fact the only thing wrong with them is that they play in black and white. So this in fact means they are region free, because they played fine. 

2nd - The reason they played in black and white is because either A) His TV was super old and could not handle the standard NTSC/PAL scaling or B) He did not go into his ps3 settings and chamnge video output to NTSC (by the way this does not affect anything, it literally just changes your output so they play).

Thats the end of the first part into truly showing you that YES!  ALL PS3 GAMES ARE REGION FREE!!!!

The next part he tries to argue is...

UK games are 'PAL' and display correctly here in the UK, US games are NTSC, and often play in Black and White on a UK TV if not using HDMI (my GTA4 is B&W). Sony themselves have said to me that all PS3 games with the code BLU-US (found on spine of box or on main disk) will cause you problems, these may be display problems, ie Black and White, or in the case of Call of Duty 4, add ons from the Playstation Store, ie Map Packs etc will not install, and Sony will not offer a refund.  So ensure that the game you are planning on buying is CODED BLU-ES.

As in this part again he shoots himself in the foot by saying they play in black and white unless using a hdmi cable.  WRONG!  I already explained about the Console output settings above.  Again, it will work.  As for the whole spine code BLU-US that has nothing to do with coding and Sony would not have told him that because what the BLU-US stands for is (BLU-RAY DISC - UNITED STATES)  all this shows you is that the game disc is blu-ray format and that the country it comes from is USA.  The same with the UK bluray games.  The spine will read BLU - UK, again translating into (BLU-RAY DISC - UNITED KINGDOM).  This does not effect anything to do with playback because like stated before by myself and the other person who's guide i am using as an example - THEY WORK!!!

BLU-RAY Movies are the only ones that are region coded.  (Except Warner Brother Movies and Sony Pictures) every other studio region codes their movies in either A, B, or C.

As for the add ons and map packs for certain in the playstation store, if you bother to read the purchase guide which appears everytime before you buy an item, it actually says, this software is not compatible with any other version of "(WHATEVER GAME YOU ARE DOWNLOADING FOR)".  So if you download something and lose your money, its your own fault. 

Now again before i finish i would just like to point out that the person who's guide i took their speculation from has indeed said, that they work.  What more proof could you need?

I dont mean to pick and moan at these people who say they are not region free but unless you know what you are on about please dont say anything.  It is known as slander and can get you into a lot of trouble.  To everyone who has read this, please rate this and i hope it has helped.



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