Pleated Skirt Buying Guide

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Pleated Skirt Buying Guide

A lot of women in the past have shied away from wearing skirts with pleats, but these skirts are back with a bang. They are fashionable and are of different varieties. They can be long, short, nude, printed, coloured or tea length. They can be worn with heels, boots or flats and still look chic, classy and absolutely feminine. They give the wearer that retro look that is currently trending. They can be bought in department shops, retail shops or even in high-end designer houses.

Pleated skirts can also be found online on eBay, where buyers can find a large selection of pleated skirts. The wide selection of pleated skirts on eBay makes it easier for a buyer to choose the best skirt that perfectly suit them. When buying a pleated skirt, women should take into consideration three main aspects: the fabric of the skirt, its design, and how best to wear it.

Fabric of the Pleated Skirt

Contrary to what buyers might think, a pricey pleated skirt does not necessarily guarantee that the skirt will be of high quality. Buyers should therefore be aware of the type of fabric used to make the skirt. Pleated skirts that are of low quality can quickly lead to piling. Piling is when the fabric used on the pleated skirts experiences friction and as a result, forms small balls on the skirt’s surface. Synthetic fabrics are more susceptible to piling when compared with other types of fabrics. Piling which occurs during the initial wear may make the subsequent wears look as though the skirt was purchased some time ago.

Different clothes makers and fashion designers make pleated skirts using different types of materials that are of different quality. For those who can afford it, a pleated skirt that is of high quality is a really good investment in comparison with buying a number of pleated skirts that are low quality.

Design of the Pleated Skirt

Designs of pleated skirts are of different types and lengths. Designers make pleated skirts of varied lengths to suit the different tastes and heights of different buyers. Firstly, buyers need to know the type of pleated skirts that are available. The pleats used on a skirt will affect the skirt’s fit on different body types. An example is a skirt with kick pleats. These pleats are used on skirts that are slim in nature for an aesthetic look and to create a good fit in the area around the wearer’s lower legs.

Plain Pleated Skirt

The plain pleats are some of the more popular pleats. These types of pleated skirts are created with a single fold line which is placed on one line. When these pleats are folded, they face just one direction.

Box Pleated Skirt

Box pleats are the opposite of plain pleats. The pleats face each other on the opposite directions. Box pleats are formed by folding the piece of clothing on the inside of the garment then stitching it so that the pleats are formed on the outer right side of the garment. The bottoms of skirts with box pleats look flared and allow easy movement for the wearer. Box pleated skirts are very trendy.

Inverted Pleated Skirt

There are also inverted pleats. These pleats are created by folding a piece of clothing in two then joining them into one line. The two folds of the garments are finally joined together on the right side at the garment’s centre.

Length of Pleated Skirt

The length of the skirt also matters a lot. The wearer may wear it for different occasions such as for professional matters or on casual outings. Some dress codes in the office may dictate that the employees wear skirts that are knee-length or even longer. If it is for a casual outing, then buyers have the option of putting on any length of the pleated skirts they want: long, short, calf-length or tea-length.

Before buying a pleated skirt, buyers should decide on the length that they want. Some places, such as market stalls, do not allow buyers to try on the skirts. It is also not possible to try on the skirt for those buying the pleated skirts online. In such cases, the best way buyers can get a pleated skirt of their desired length is to measure one of the skirts that they already own, starting from the skirt’s waist to its bottom. They should ensure that the skirt being measured remains straight and is not creased or stretched in any way. The measurements obtained can guide them in getting their desired length for the pleated skirts.

If the buyer intends to make the pleated skirt a business or office wear, then she should keep it at the standard knee-length. The skirt is supposed to cover the wearer’s thighs when seated. Longer pleated skirts are also acceptable when worn in an office setting as long as they do not hinder the wearer’s movement.

Pleated Skirt Sizing Chart

When looking for a pleated skirt it is important to find the right size, especially when buying online. This is made harder since many countries have their own clothing size systems. The following chart compares the sizes in the most commonly seen systems.

Skirt Size








8 - 10

12 - 14

16 -18

20 - 22



4 - 6

8 - 10

12 - 14

16 -18



36 - 38

40 - 42

44 - 46

48 - 50

These comparisons should be considered a guideline only. Since different manufacturers use different measurements for their clothing, buyers should always consult the manufacturer’s own size chart to be sure of the right fit.

Wearing a Pleated Skirt Appropriately

One of the reasons why a lot of women avoid wearing pleated skirts is the fact that it takes a fashion fan to get the right accessories to match them. However, if paired with the right tops and shoes, the look comes across as elegant and chic.

Achieving Balance

Pleats add volume. For wearers to pull this look off in a stylish way that complements them, they should wear a top that is not bulky. A neutral short sleeved T-shirt is an ideal choice when it is paired with colourful bright pleated skirts. The pleated skirt can be accentuated with a pair of neutral heels.

Blending Bold Colours

More daring wearers can pair the pleated skirt with bold and bright hues. An example is when a short pleated skirt is paired with a long polo shirt that has a combination of different colours such as pink and yellow, or a hot pink colour together with green.

Pleats for Summer

During summer, wearing short pleated skirts with sleeveless tops could bring out that relaxed and laid back look that is perfect for that season.

Fitting Different Body Types

Pleated skirts can delightfully flatter almost all body types. The skirt glides gracefully whenever the wearer walks. This is an advantage as it diverts the unwanted attention away from the problematic areas. The best fabrics for pleated skirts are those that drape easily such as silk crepe. However, for women with a thicker middle, their ideal pleated skirts would be those that have wider waistbands. For short women, the pleated skirts should not go beyond knee-length. For tall women, the mid-calf pleated skirts could be a nice look to pull off.

Pleated skirts have long been known as a garment for older women; for the younger generation to look fresh and funky with this look, they should try to go for the knee-length or even shorter skirts with non-floral designs.

A lot of hem details on the pleated skirts tend to be trendy but unfortunately, they only last for just one season. Hems that are asymmetric in nature do not complement almost all body shapes. One thing they have certainly achieved is making the wearers look lopsided. Attention is diverted to the hem of these types of pleated skirts rather than the attention being on the wearer.

Finding Pleated Skirts on eBay

You can get a sizeable collection of pleated skirts on eBay. The skirts are available in different sizes, lengths, designs, colours and fabric. If you are looking for a particular type of pleated skirt, you can simply find the skirt on eBay by going to their search bar on their homepage and typing the relevant keywords such as "box pleated skirts" into the search box.

It is important however, that you carefully read the policy of the purchase before you actually buy the pleated skirt. See if you are allowed to return the skirt if it does not fit or in case of any other fault you may find. If this information has not been provided, go to the seller’s profile and then click on his or her contact link to directly communicate with the seller and clarify on the issue.


Pleated skirts can be worn for just one season or for a whole year depending on the design and colour buyers choose. Short pleated skirts with bold colours trend for a longer time compared with other designs. Buyers should always make informed decisions when buying pleated skirts. Women should know what colours, types, and fabrics will best suit them in order to make a purchase they will be satisfied with. Different pleated skirts complement the various body types in different ways. It is also important to consider budget when buying, and eBay makes it easy to sort search results by price, so buyers can view the biggest bargains first. Buyers looking for pleated skirts who take the above aspects into consideration will be able to buy a pleated skirt they will be happy with for years to come.

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