Pocket Dragons Real Musgrave

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Pocket Dragons began their lives in 1989 by being sculptered by Amercian Artist Real Musgrave, although it wouldn't be fair to count Real on his own, as his lovely wife Muff has had many inputs into their designs and inspiration. Real and Muff retired in 2007, and at present are very happy living with their cats in Texas. They have also started fostering cats that are need of a loving home until a more permanant one is found.

Over the years the smv of these cute green little dragons has risen and fallen, although they are starting to pick up now.

The rarest one being Gargoyle Hoping for Raspberry teacakes which can at present fetch anything from £800 - £1,250. Another rare dragon is one called Waiting for Santa, this one is a small dragon that sits inside a red fabric Christmas stocking, the dragon itself is identical to the one called Red Ribbon, however in the USA they made it with the stocking and limited it too 1000, this one is on alot of Pocket dragon collectors wanted lists and would fetch a high price if it came to eBay.

The first 27 made in 1989 tend to fetch the highest amounts, and can be difficult to find. The older style dragons are more rough around the edges, in fact looking at some you can even see a finger print. If somebody has never seen an older dragon they often think it is flawed, but this is how they are and that is the inner beauty of the older dragons. Their spines were finer and more detail in their expressions. The paintwork on the dragons has always been handpainted and therefore no 2 dragons are truely identical. In fact in some of the earlier dragons some of the paintwork also looks flawed but it isn't that's how they are.

CWS who produced these dragons went into liquidation, sending alot of panic throughout the collectable world. It was an end of a era, and very sad for alot of collectors.

With Pocket dragons not being sold in retail shops anymore it is getting increasingly difficult to find that special piece you want.

When buying Pocket dragons off ebay, check the description and if in doubt don't be afraid to ask. Having a base label can increase its value also the box, although most collectors are not bothered about the box but are about condition and base label. Most sellers will combine postage if buying more than one, but don't ever assume this ask first.

If the dragons you want is valued over £34 check with the seller to ensure it will be sent via an insured method. Better to check before it's too late.

There are a few web sites that are dedicated to Pocket dragons, there you can find a few of us and if you have any questions or queries I am sure one of us will answer you. Please google Pocket Dragons and come and join in """Where all the Good Dragons go, it's heaven for collectors"" ;) . Since there are no more events its nice to keep in contact with fellow collectors. We all miss the events and getting together, meeting Real and Muff was a treat and pleasure, they are such lovely genuine people. I hope they are both enjoying their well earned retirement.

I often have questions with regards to Pocket dragons and I will always answer you as soon as I can. I have collected Pocket dragons from the begining in 1989 right to the last day CWS traded. If I don't have the answer, I will know somebody that will.


Important addition .................. If you are considering purchasing GHFRT please please ask the seller before hand about the size of this piece, for those that are not aware Real brought out an identical piece for his last year in retirement, this identical piece was a MINITURE version and not full size. The value of the miniture version is under £50 and unfortunately some buyers have parted with hundreds of pounds thinking they are getting the rare and original piece. The height of the miniture is a little over 3" high (height from back of the seat) where as the original and expensive GHFRT stands a little under 6" tall (height from back of seat).

Happy collecting!!!!

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