Pocket Nappies - A Simple Guide

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With so many different nappy types on the market it can be confusing when choosing which is right for you.  Here is our simple guide to the Pocket Nappy.  For more comprehensive advice on which nappy is right for you, see our Choosing your Real Nappies - A Simple Guide.

Pocket nappies are made from an outer wrap which is attached to a stay dry liner, creating a pouch or pocket into which an absorbent insert is placed.  This type of nappy is incredibly convenient as when it is stuffed with an insert, the nappy is put on as 'one piece'.  This means quicker changes for you and no fuss when others are taking care of your baby.

A removeable insert means that you can be flexible with absorbency.  For daytimes when you might prefer a slimmer fit, you can keep the stuffing to a minimum, but at night of long car journeys you can boost the absorbency to suit your babies needs.  Pocket nappies often come with their own compatible insert, however, they can be stuffed with any absorbent material.  Terry squares and prefolds work well stuffed in a pocket nappy and a number of inserts made from hemp, micro terry and bamboo are available. 

Because pocket nappies come in two parts they are quicker to dry than some other types of nappy and you do not need to buy separate liners or wraps.  They come as 'one size' or multi sized and are available in lots of different fabrics, colours and patterns giving them a real cute factor.

Pocket nappies available are: Wonderoos, Fuzzi Bunz, Swaddlebees

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