Pokemon Cards -Holo , Reverse holo, non holo??

Like if this guide is helpful

Looking at some pokemon listing i found lots of confusion as why seller list their cards as holo/shiny (shiny cards do not exist), or they list holo trainer cards as reverse holo ( reverse holo trainer cards do not exist)  

HOLO - there is no shiny cards because a shiny card is also called a holo card

REVERSE HOLO - Card that is holo with a reverse symbol ( 2 black arrows) is a reverse holo if the card is holo and had no reverse symbol it is not a reverse holo AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A REVERSE HOLO TRAINER CARD. trainer card are either holo or non holo

NON HOLO- Most cards comes in 2 version non holo and holo

 check out the official pokemon card website go-pokemon.com it has all the info you need about pokemon cards

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