Poker Cloth from USA

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I just wanted to share some insight for those of you who are looking at buying some fancy "Speed Poker Cloth from sellers in US. It looks like the best stuff around and they might even have a price for shipping to UK, in the listing to save you having to email them. If you do email a seller and a week goes by with no reply, take it from me that it does not bode well. My seller kept me waiting and waiting and eventually I was told my order got "screwed up". My point is that because of the delays in postage, it is possible that the time to leave feedback may expire (this has happened in my case). I have been waiting aprroximately two months for my item to arrive and I am still waiting. I got a tracking number that tells me next to nothing about  possible delivery time (yes I did try to trace my package with USPS). Beware also that customs can delay your item by up to a month plus the fact that some sellers are not as prompt as others when it comes to despatching your goods. I did everything I could to try to ensure a smooth transaction took place, even being extremely civil when faced with abismal service. I know I could have demanded a refund but I doubt I would have seen my money. I know there are some excellent sellers across the pond but if you have to wait until you request the sellers contact details before they reply to your questions, don't go through with the transaction not all poker supplies are equal.
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