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Welcome to the all new Squirrel Poker Guide to Poker Chips.

The simple reason for writing a guide is i read a load of rubbish on many sites from sellers and what they think and from buyers who really need the understand the market for home grade poker chips, hopefully after reading the guide your expectations will be managed and you will be a little clearer on what is available and what you need to look out for.
What are poker chips made from
In the past clay was the material of choice, it was due to the weight and feel that clay gave.  You will struggle to find any clay chips on the market today.  The manufacturers have switched to various materials, they are either a recycled plastic material.  A very low cost material giving a very cheap feeling poker chips, if you are paying less than £30 for a poker set this is what you can expect to receive with a weight of between 10 and 12G per chip.
The material you ideally want to look out for is an ABS compound made from new material.  This material have been developed to give the look and feel of clay.  These sets will be around £40 upwards and weights in the region of 11.5 to 15G.
Poker Chip Weight.
Buyer have to accept that the material a poker chip is made from h ave a physical weight, and this is between 8 and 12G, the lighter the chips the lower the quality on the base material.  The only way therefore to make the chips heavier is to add a metal insert to the center of the chip at the time of manufacture.  Using these inserts will enable the chip to weigh up to 15G which is the heaviest in the UK.  If you want to get a decent feel on your poker chips then we would suggest looking for a weight of 13.5 to 15G.
The 'design' of the poker chip is achieved by the use of a special inlay sticker designed o fit into a manufactured indent in the poker chips.  This is the standard production method often you would not think that they are stickers due to the professional finish that is applied.  There are of course various grades of inlays that are used, from the basic paper type sticker that you will find on budget chip sets, when you are looking at 13G and above you will start to see more professional materials being used, this really give the effect of a professional finish and it is not easy at all to tell they are in fact stickers.  The top end are the foil inlays that give the shinny finish, again you can expect to see these on the heavier 14/15G poker chips.
With poker chips you really do get what you pay for, for me the heavier the better, and the difference between a cheap 11.5G poker set and a high end 15G set enormous, and the best thing about heavy weight chips is that that will last a long time, in fact you should only ever need to buy a single set.

If after reading this guide you visit our website (just type squirrel poker into Google) or check out our Ebay store we are sure you will find what you are looking for.
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