Polished HQ BB's 6mm for AIRSOFT BB GUNS

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You get a lot of people ask what size are 6mm BB's well this is the standard size for all Airsoft & Airsoft compatible guns they are six millimeter in diameter. there are many different weights ranging from a budget type that weighs  0.08g to 0.30g.
The best grade is a HQ Polished , This type of BB will have a smooth  polished surface and should not jam the gun like some cheap and nasty ones.
We only sell HQ Polished & we pride ourselves in our good quality BB's We have our own store away from E-Bay and have sold over 10,000 units without any complains.
When buying 6mm Paintballs you should buy the hard shell ones again they are a quality product and will work fine in a standard spring loaded gun.
We know many people use the paintballs in gas bb guns but we don't recomend it.

We hope you found this guide helpful But if you have any questions you can contact us.
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