Polishing Latex Rubber Clothing by N2L8X (Into-LateX)

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Polishing Latex Rubber Clothing by N2L8X

Latex and Rubber Clothing can be enhanced by polishing to give a high gloss shine to the material. This can be achieved by using 3 main types of Polish. All three types of polish are available from us.

1 Silicon emulsions. these polishes are a thin milky white liquid which is applied  by spray or soft cloth to the surface and then brought to a gloss by polishing with a clean dry cloth.

2  Silicon Polish Latex can be polished by using silicon lubes, silicon lubricants are thicker and can be applied with a cloth or non coloured shoe shine sponge. The silicon should be applied sparingly and spread thinly to gibe the gloss finish.

3 Vivishine  This polish is used after washing the latex, just a couple of teaspoons of vivishine in the rinse water and the dry the item with a soft towel to give a great high gloss lasting finish.

Note please do not use Automotive products, many of these contain additives which are  toxic and absorbed through your skin, and also rot or permanently mark the rubber. Certain Automotive products contain known carcinogens.





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