Poor Feedback

Like if this guide is helpful

Ok so this isn't really a guide, But i want to put my bit in.

I agree with numerous posts about ebay members with poor feedback score and i'm sure most of these have genuine reasons (new member for example), I am also aware that there are some con artists about who are just out to run off with your money with bogus or poor quality merchandise.

Personally I admit that i currently have a feedback score of 0.0% although being a member of ebay for a whole year!

This is simply because I haven't brought or sold anything on ebay since I joined - In fact I have only started listing items this week. I am starting up in business (t/a shopping.uk), and my official website should be 'live' by the end of september with a bit of luck as i'm still working on it and testing the links and ordering process etc.

So all i'm saying really is please don't paint all members with a low feedback score with the same brush, some of us have a genuine reason for having a low score (even me with my 0.0%).


Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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