Popular Trends Women love but man hate!!

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We may get excited about a pair of 70s-inspired flared jeans or one of Gwen Stefani's asymmetrical, pattern-on-pattern getups, but guys don't always see fashion the way we do. In fact, some of the trends we swear by they find downright unattractive. In this episode we're highlighting six that, according to our research, rank as guys' least favorite. Watch and see if you agree.

Now, just because guys don't feel the same way we do about certain trends doesn't mean that we're going to abandon them or love them any less. On the other hand, there are some here that are probably best left for the runway. Here are the six fashion picks guys don't get:
1. Ugg boots
The on-set footwear of choice for celebrities (how many times have we seen photos of the "Gossip Girl" crew in gowns and Uggs?) is admittedly hard on the eyes. But in the right situation and when worn with jeans (NOT jean shorts), they're worth it. If more guys tried on a pair, they'd understand. It's the shoe equivalent of comfort food.
2. Oversized sunglasses
Guys think they make us look like bugs. I think they add glamour and drama. But, I'll concede one point: It's important to find a size and shape that actually fits your face.
3. Jumpsuits
Even stylish and svelte women like Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian can barely pull them off. I understand the retro appeal, but they're awfully hard to look good in. Guys win this one.
4. Red lipstick
This one was a surprise. Apparently, some guys find the un-kissability factor a turnoff. I think there's nothing sexier than red lips, gold eyeshadow and extra long lashes.
5. Harem pants
Celebrities like Julianne Moore and Jessica Alba have tried their best to make them look halfway decent, but there's no way anyone can honestly say there isn't a more flattering option then a pair of pants that look like they come with a built-in diaper. Guys win this one, too.
6. Socks with sandals
Respected indie fashionistas like Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung valiantly tested the trend but I say the sexiness of a strappy sandal is undercut by a wooly underlayer.

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