Portmeirion, a seller's guide.

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Portmeirion Potteries have produced a wide range of goods over the years, and many items now appear on the pages of ebay.  However, due the diversity of patterns and ranges, it is sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for without a long search.

Firstly, I have noticed that many sellers do not spell the company name correctly, which immediately places their goods outside the main search category.  It is necessary for buyers to run searches under several variations of the name in order to discover new items.

I often wonder, especially with such a range on sale at any one time, why sellers don't look through other seller's items until they find their own pattern, then mention its name in the title.  Very often I come across a title which just reads 'A Portmeirion Plate', or similar, then have to open up the page to see if its the one I collect. It would no doubt be a much better idea to describe the item thoroughly, eg 'Portmeirion Dinner Plate, Queen's Hidden Garden', which would immediately attract collectors of that pattern, and also trigger the favourite search alerts.

Finally, some sellers don't even mention the company name, just the pattern, which also cuts down the number of prospective buyers.  My advice is to give as full a description as the title space allows, then provide a good photo and description, along with postage costs.  If you don't know the pattern, do some research on the internet, or just check other similar items on ebay. 

I admit to have developed an annoying habit of telling people if they have called their item the wrong name, and while I realise some sellers may not like this, I am only trying to help them and their buyers.

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