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Some words just sound better than others meaning much the same thing and can create an air of mystery and excitement for your products. 'Gold Plated' for example, sounds cheap; 'Vermeil' and 'Gold Overlay' sound just that little bit more expensive! Here are some more ideas to help you make ordinary things sound very impressive.

* 'Reprint' means a copy of something else, often an old item in the public domain, and most people know what it means. 'Second strike' is a term I've seen applied to reproduction postcards which has generated double figure bidding for something worth pennies which can be printed millions of times from the owner's computer. That term 'second strike' was confusing even to me and I've been in the postcard business for years; it's a term best avoided. It's dishonest to use words just to confuse bidders into thinking your product is something it isn't, so exercise caution choosing words to dress up your listings. That 'Second Strike' example is acceptable where a definition is provided alongside so bidders know exactly what it means.

Let these ideas be your guide:

- 'Vintage' sounds better than 'Old'.

- 'Pristine' beats 'Perfect'.

* Descriptions are subjective. My idea of 'good condition' may be different from yours. Today, a postcard I listed as 'good condition' fetched a complaint from the buyer that the card was a little faded. That was true, but the card was 104 years old and a little fading on a real photographic postcard, to my mind, is not a major problem. I explained this, offered a refund, the card is now on its way back. Face it, your opinion will not always match the buyer's and it's better to offer a money back guarantee in all of your listings, as long as the product is returned in 'as posted' condition. For argumentative buyers, explain that descriptions are subjective, you stand by your original wording, and offer a refund where second chance buyers exist or just relist the item.

This is the wording I use in my listings which you are free to copy. 'All items are listed to the best of my abilities and reflect my own experienced opinion. However, all items are subject to money back guarantee in the event they are inadvertently mis-described, as long as items are returned within ten days of auction ending. All returns must be by insured post. Refund only applies to items returned in 'as posted' condition.' I'm quite certain this simple paragraph has saved some unscrupulous buyers lodging an 'Item not as described' notice to eBay. You are not obliged to return original or return postage but it's worthwhile doing so on low price items just to rid yourself of problem customers. I have got this guide off a site outside of ebay, however I feel this will be very useful for people on ebay.

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