Post/Delivery Insurance

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I have noted with alarming increase the amount of traders selling items that state that they do not offer insurance and that the item offered is at your own risk should the item be lost of damaged in transit.

So for starters - all sellers/traders are responsible for either refunding or replacing the item THEY despatch via any delivery service. If you are unsure just check with the Post Office or just ask any company selling online or via any postal service they may offer.

When purchasing make it plainly clear that you are willing to pay the insurance if need be - the liability is with the person despatching, so you are doing them a favour.

Sellers/Traders - the cost of insurance is passed on in the postage costs, so please do not insult anyone by saying 'at your own risk'.

As a buyer, I take the line that if 'at your own risk' or similar wording is mentioned anywhere within the text or even hinted at, I feel the item is either DAMAGED to start with or possibly does not even exsist.

S Marrable
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