Post Office Scam

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This topic may have been posted in the forums but I have to let you all know of a scam which some postman are up to. I know this happens as I have some inside information and I would like to share it with you all.

If you have a special delivery item being sent to you with some other post, some postmen or women are removing the label from your package and sticking it on another item that is being delivered.

They keep the special delivery item for themselves knowing that it might be worth a lot of money and you end up signing for the normal item. So no special delivery item delivered and no claim being made as it was signed for.

If your are a seller put extra clear tape on label but don’t cover the little barcodes.
Advise your buyer what kind of package you are sending or put another label that only you or your buyer knows about.
If you are a buyer check the package has not been tampered with before signing for it.


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