Postage Costs

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Im writing this guide because so many people are getting ripped off with postage costs.

Before bidding for an item look at the postage costs, judge for yourself is it really going to cost that price? Do take into consideration the seller has added on a little extra for the likes of envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes, tapes and glue, as this does cost a bit on top of the postage charge.

Have in mind the size of the item you are thinking of bidding on, the weight and the type of postage the seller is offering.  If you are looking at a post card for example and the seller has down £2 second class, thats just riddiculous, as they are only going to post it to you in an envelope with a second class stamp worth around 30p/40p!

Also international sellers be weary, i recently saw an item i have been searching for for over a year now at a great price from an american seller, i sent a messege to ask how much postage would be to the UK, and the reply i got from them was it depends on how much the item sells for!!!

This was not on, when listing an item you decide the price you want to sell for and anything else is a bonus, the postage should not be an extra way for sellers to make money, if in doubt dont buy it, there will always be another one for sale at the right price, do a favourite search, shop around, after all your after a bargain, not to be ripped off!

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