Postage Costs For The United Kingdom.

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     Length:     over   353mm
     Width:       over    250mm
     Thickness: over 25mm
Weight range First Class at new price
0-100g 109p
101-250g 138p
251-500g 184p
501-750g 238p
751-1000g 292p
1001-1250g 425p
Each additional 250g or part thereof +75p

see the table below for prices of low cost Standard Parcels service, including packages of various different weights.

Maximum weight Price
1kg  £3.85
1.5kg  £4.95
2kg  £5.68
4kg  £8.24
6kg  £9.35
8kg  £10.67
10kg  £11.45
20kg  £13.33

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