Postage Costs and Detailed Selling Ratings - Clothes

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If you are primarily selling clothes on Ebay you should keep the postage costs down to a minimum, some ebay users are for example are quoting £2.95 for second class postage, you can probably post the item for less than this for first class.

Most clothes, other than jeans and jumpers, will probably weigh no more than 500 grams.  Offer sellers first class postage instead of second class; I think you will agree that if you know you can get the item quicker you are more likely to bid for it.  I use a standard postage rate for all but the heavier items; if the item is heavy clearly state this on your item description and explain this is the reason why the postage rate is higher.

Highlight the fact that you are sending the item first class too in your item description, this could be difference between and ebayer bidding on your item or the same item from another ebay seller.

Always bear in mind that whatever postage rate you set, there will always be someone who thinks they are paying too much and bring down your detailed seller rating, you just can't please everyone.

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