Postage & Mailing Charges By Seller:

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I am getting an awful lot of sellers who are charging more than the 'average' costs to Mail 7" Vinyl Records.

Every time I buy a 45rpm I am aware of what the seller is charging for 'Economy Mailing' costs.

The price to send 1 to 3 x 45's in the ONE Mailer is approximately £0.92p and if you add the costs of TWO STIFFENERS + ONE PROFESSIONAL CARD MAILER ~and in my case a 450G NEW POLYTHENE SLEEVE as well~ can still be only £1.50 for UK delivery and that will cover all the costs of the above & pens,printing receipts to accompany the Vinyl and the Fragile stickers etc.and there is still a few pence to spare at that £1.50 price for the UK.

Most of the sellers of some 45's I have wanted to buy charge £2.00 or even more ~ "It's only 50p more" ~ But some sellers are asking fore more than the £2.00 and even in some cases,£3.00 for ONE 45?.

Have a look at the 7" Vinyl Postage costs?,you will see that a lot of sellers are very fair in what they charge,but the ones who charge OTT Postage are still doing so,even after the £1.00 MAXIMUM that EBAY tried to enforce.

If these greedy sellers don't watch out,we will ALL end up in the same boat,with EBAY using the £1.00 maximum again.Refuse to pay these OTT prices,you will save your money in the end.

I only charge £1.50 to cover EVERYTHING up to 3 45rpm Singles I need for safe Packaging and delivery to my buyers.

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