Postage Pricing and Descriptions

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Postage Pricing & Descriptions.

It has been my experience when buying stamps from many Dealers that in the main, fair Postage Charges are reasonable to the purchaser. However, there are many sellers on e-bay who still persist in charging amounts which are near to highway robbery!. If a collector buys multiple purchases from a seller in many cases this is added up with the buyer having to pay double or even treble the amount he would have paid for a single item e.g. one pound. It is understood that the seller has to charge for the packing. Considering that a first class stamp is currently 34p, do these people really expect a collector to hand over his hard earned money on this 'insurance' against low bids on items they sell!. Once bitten, twice shy.  Reducing Postage costs incurred on multiple purchases conciderably usually insures the seller that the particular buyer will return again. Of course, it is always at the buyers descretion but in many cases it certainly puts me off from multiple buying or even bothering. Read the small print first.

Now I come to another gripe!. again, in the main honest and accurate descriptions of material on offer is generally excellent, but there is much material that has defects and not described with such. anything that has a defect should be so stated in the description. To name a few irks that one experiences from time to time, wrongly described shades or guess work!.  Always buy a rarer shade that has a Certificate of Authenticity you cannot loose.  Stamps with obvious toning, perf separations, discolouration, missing perforations to name a few and so obvious in the scanned image but not stated in the descriptions!. Do these sellers even bother to inspect what they sell.  Scanned images of the reverse of a stamp on offer is a seller you can trust. A picture says a thousand words.  No one is perfect, things are missed in all innocence. I ask only that buyers read the small print before buying. If in doubt leave it out.

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