Postage Too High?

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 Postage cost too high?


When buying on eBay,you'll notice that some sellers will seem to have high postage costs compared to others for the same item.


There can be a number of reasons for this.

Items that have a very low start price,and a high postage charge:

Don't think that the seller is necessarily being greedy- often the item being auctioned will not reach the same price as what other sellers are offering with a  lower postage cost. One of the main reasons for having a high postage can well be that if the item doesn't reach a good final price- then at least the seller can make something on it with the extra postage.


Always be wary of seller that do not list postage costs:

If it is a new seller, then chances are they'll charge you what it costs to send.However do check with the seller before bidding-just in case you later get an email with a nasty suprise !

Insurance is often an option in the postal charges - that is down to your choice as to whether to include it or not,but I strongly recommend that on high value items it is included.


Please bear in mind that some cost could or should be added to what the item actually costs to post - packing materials (especially for large items) can be quite expensive,also the packing if done properly can be time consuming- along with waiting in the post office to send it off !

I hope this info is of some help to you. Remember though, even with normal  or high postage costs - there's still many bargains to be had on eBay!

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