Postage and packing rip offs: eBay ignores this scam

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Most eBayers have probably come across excessive charging for postage and handling on eBay. The excuse given for this is generally that the charge is higher than postage costs in order to take account of handling fees, packaging, eBay and Paypal fees. To some extent this is true, as the Royal Mail become ever more greedy, and eBay take their 30% through listing, final and Paypal fees.

However, fee avoidance through excessive postage is not accepteable. It is generally traders and online shops that do this, in fact many of them are Power Sellers and eBay do not appear to care, or rather make too much money from these characters to do anything about it. Although eBay markets itself as a community it is a business at the end of the day, here to make money and nothing more. After all, they wouldn't run this site for nothing. I have complained on numerous occasions regarding excessive postage, only to find that the same trader is selling the same goods at excessive prices a week later. I actually got so fed up with this I spent hours submitting numerous complaints about the same shop, only for it to be ignored.

eBay have a handy get out clause for addressing complaints as they trot out the standard 'can't comment on individual cases blah blah' via email when a complaint is lodged. This effectively gives you no clue as to the efficacy of your complaint, or of Bay's honesty in dealing with it. By that standard, eBay obviously feel that £6.99 to post a Nintendo DS game within the UK is fair. This is by Royal Mail standard 2nd class, by the way.

Ways to address the situation:

- complain. Don't grumble to youself, do something positive.

- when bidding on an item, take postage into account when estimating the final price. It all comes out of your pocket.

- don't buy things from these clowns. Simple.

- buy your goods from Amazon. They have a fair postage structure, and if people want to sell through them, they have to use it.

- remember eBay isn't a friends club. It's here to make money. Unfortunately the site owners appear to have lost sight of the original ethos; eBay is just another multinational and guess what, you do all the work for them! Great, isn't it?

If eBay won't take action, do it yourself. After all, that's the philosophy here, isn't it?

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