Postage charge rip offs? How to avoid this 'injustice'

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So... your long awaited item arrives, and you notice that the £8 you paid for it to arrive, far exceeds the £3 or so that the stamp actually cost.

Irritating? Yes
Unfair? No

It's a fact of ebay life that;

1. Lots of sellers compensate for listing and paypal and final value fees and the risk of a low-priced sale by putting up postage prices sky high. It is a common sales tactic to list an item cheaply to drive traffic towards it, and keep postage high to compensate for the stupidly low price. if i win an item for a fraction of it's real value, i don't mind being bumped a little for postage. And neither should you!

2. The cost of wrapping up an item, waiting in a queue for upto an hour (as is the shortest wait at my local post office), means that this 'overcharge' compensates the seller for their TIME.

Don't be so quick to leave neutral or negative feedback, as you probably got a bargain anyway, and postage prices cannot be changed after the sale so you must have known the total cost BEFORE you bought the item. It's simple maths!

This does not include sellers who include a compulsary insurance charge that a lot of bidders don't notice (WATCH OUT FOR THIS) when they are bidding. THAT is scam. But a seller charging you £1 over the stamp price is DEFINATELY not. I add about 60p onto the stamp price of all my items to pay for the good quality packaging and the fact that to post most items takes a good 2 hour chunk out of an afternoon.

However, for you bargain hunters who click on an item for 99p and realise that there is a £50 postage fee, ebay have recently included the filter by 'Item AND postage' costs, so no more disappointments!

I hope that sellers who have recieved any negative feedback for charging a few pence more than the stamp price will agree with me. This is just my opinion.

If this guide has helped you OR if you feel the same way, give me a thumbs up. If not, you know what to do
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