Postage costs

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Since the post office bought in their new postage costs it appears that ebay sellars are going a little mad with their costs.

I personally think that this being used as an excuse to bump the price up generally to give the sellar higher profits.

Forgive me if I am wrong you sellars that have bumped your prices up - I understand that costs have got to alter but not by the rates that some are putting them up by -  I am a sellar as well as a buyer and have studied the new costs - here  is an example of the difference (without naming sellars names):-

A playnest that a month ago would have cost £2.00 to post has been relisted with a postal cost of £10.00 - THIS PERSON IS HAVING A LAUGH! this item still fits into a small package - not a cargo crate! (don,t worry myself and others have informed this person that we are not happy with the fictional increased costs!)

So please buyers - do not get "ripped off" by these sellars who are trying to confuse you all further - get yourself a price list for both the post office service and the Parcelforce service from your local post office (they are free) and educate yourself on the cost - if an item seems as though the postal charges are well over the top then contact the sellar and tell them the actual cost (all you need is a pair of kitchen scales, a measuring tape  (and household scales for bigger purchases) and you can work out the cost of each item without being ripped off! - it may sound drastic to weigh and measure items of a similar weight and size but in the long run it will be worth it to your pocket!

I hope you all find this guide useful, it has now become my No.2 pet hate - my No.1 is buyers getting ripped off by us sellars!

Happy bidding!


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