Postage & packing Costs

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Just a quick note to all our customers . . and potential customers :o) . . on our postage and packing costs.

Please don't judge a package from on the cost of the stamp alone! . . our packing and postage costs are calculated to include all our reasonable costs in getting a package into the Post Office so they can deliver it to you.

Typically one of our normal sized bubble wrap envelopes big enough to deal with the majority of our customers purchases cost us approx £0.15p . . and the self seal bubble wrap bags we package our pieces in so they are snug and safe in the post to you costs us approx £0.23p each.

It takes around 3 - 5 minutes to package each customers purchases and at a wage of around £6 per hour costs us an average of £0.40p to package up each of our customers purchases.

The trip to the post office costs us around £0.90 in fuel, road tax, insurance, maintenance and parking costs and on average we take around 7 items a day to the post office . . so the cost per item for our post office run is approx £0.13p

Finally, the stamp to go on a customers package normally costs anything from £0.52p to £1.00 for larger items.

So . . in total the cost of packing and posting a customers purchases who buys only one item is around £1.50.

We think our postage costs are lower than a lot of ebay sellers who sell similar products . . and we work hard to make our prices as reasonable and as fair as possible.

Some of our items obviously weigh considerably more than just a couple of pendant blanks . . for example several of bangles . . and we have tried to calculate a fair postage rate for these!.

We hope this helps to explain why you pay us around £1.50 for a single item when what you see is a £0.52p stamp on the envelope!

If you have any comments on our postage costs please feel free to email us at

Thanks for reading . . and being understanding!

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