Postal Orders - Expensive Way to Pay!!

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Let's be honest. How often do non business people actually go into a post office to buy stamps these days? Rarely. I go into a post office only when I have packages to send or occasionally to renew my car tax. Otherwise, I give the post office a very wide berth. HOWEVER...... I recently bought an item on EBay, for which the seller would ONLY accept a postal order. The last time I had one of these was a few thousand years ago when my Gran gave me one as a birthday present. But, I dutifully went to the post office on Monday morning, queued for about 20 minutes with all the other customers and asked for the required postal order......... I was horrified to be charged almost a pound for this. If I had sent a cheque, or cash via recorded delivery (which I know the post office doesn't like), it would have cost me less. And not only that, I had to send it recorded delivery anyway to ensure it got to where it was going! Buyers should beware sellers who insist on this form of payment - it ends up with you, the buyer, having hidden charges!
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