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Ive read these guides Regarding the postage of a 99p t shirt costing £2.50 . well sorry but there are more costs to it than simply the post office fee  for people in business ! .

As a seller we have packing materials to buy , packing tape , paper , postal envelopes , label print costs , someones wage to do this as well as a 8 mile round trip to a post office , We believe that now the royal mail has increased its costs also that something should be done , however simply setting a postal charge floor is unfair for business sellers ,

Ie if we have 1 item to post with a sale price on Ebay of £130.00 + £4.99 delivery We have £16.40 in Fees between Ebay & Paypal , The postage of said item is £4.45 , the cost of packing is around 50p  and cost to post ie fuel and time is around 20-30 minutes , min wage £5.50 ish Divided by 2 ( make 30 mins ) £2.50- 3.00 . fuel pherhaps £1.50-£2.00  . now tot all this up and we are actually absorbing a lot of cost to sell on Ebay . When we sell using other formats we pay advertising fee and send by courier which is £5.99 nowadays  , This is collected from our door , reducing our cost but increasing the purchasers . so the above pans out at £109.63 thats a selling cost of £25 per item which for us is beginning to question our future on Ebay things have changed so much since we began is 2002 that we believe the £4000 a year in ebay fees could between our item specific media generate more revenue and less messing with the 1 miilion & 1 regulations that ebay lays down each year for its own benefit  and the fact they bully people into using paypal so they can reep even more I believe by mid summer we will have moved away from Ebay completely which is a shame as totting up the years of fees we have made ebay stack up to somewhere around £25-30 Thousand pounds . Still We have to think bottom line and keep people employed .

 I think there should be  more consideration taken with regard to postage there isnt an easy anwser but i do agree somthing should be done especially regarding chinese sellers ,


I think ebay would be fairer if it was exclusivly for the country you are in unless you choose to use Ebay Global this way you would not compete with the low price extreme high delivery cost from china which do our counrty and economy no good as we are an island a little more loyalty alround should apply , many people dont realise the easy rule of thumb is what ever the cost in dollar ( chinas favourite currency ) is usually your cost in pounds once its passed customs and handling fees so basically if you see somthing on ebay or anywhere else change the dollar to a pound sign and you will be about at what it will cost you  ,

We import from china and postage is much much less then is been charged but many chinese sellers are selling Huge amounts of items , Many are missing customs and doing further damage to the " Bankrupt Rock " .we know as the UK .


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