Posting goods to nigeria! DONT

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As i write this i would like to advise you not to post your goods to nigeria at any cost unless you check with paypal direct on the telephone to make sure the funds are deposited in to your account.

The last two days in a row i have posted an engagement ring on the site to be sold or brought now for £250 and twice its be clicked on and sold now price and turns out they want it shipped to nigeria i would adivse you not to send as its a fraud scam i had spoof mails from what was ment to me paypal saying funds had been deposited in my account but and i add but wouldnt show till i emailed them with the tracking item number of the item i had when i had posted it (as if i would post it to there) i even stated on my item page that i would only ship to england but still they tried it on,

Watch out for these SIGNS

poor grammer (know mine isnt great but you know what i mean)

long storys about it being a gift for a friend/sister/brother and they there selfs are off on travles so thats why they want it posted out there,

storys changing when you Question them.

paypal fake emails and the fact they they insist that its posted today as its important that this person gets it asap cause its needed (errrm how is a ring needed quick?).

Always check out the email addy address and if your even a little put off with the buyer then contact ebay and paypal

Better to be safe then sorry

Twice now they have tried to rip me off and to be honist IM NOT DUMB but they seem to think i am,

The police Cant/Wont do much about this cause its with in another country but what i can do is make sure others know about this scam and advise you to take care at all times when you buy something or sell something on here they are a lot of honist people out there who are either trying to sell somthing they dont want any longer or to run a small company but at the same time there are a lot of con artists that are trying to con us out of things the only thing is there hurting the little people not the big huge companys with insurance for losses so please all be on your gard!

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