Posting to buyers abroad - overseas sales - BEWARE

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This is a short guide for UK sellers, advising caution when selling to buyers outside the UK.  Do not assume that you can send items to an EU county freely! I have had ebayers from the EU abuse me because I refuse to ship to them, but I lost a lot of money on a clothing transaction with Greece recently.

You probably know to follow all the Paypal rules for Buyer Protection, such as using a fully tracked postal service etc - if you are not aware, go to the Help section and check this out, or you could end up out of pocket if the package goes missing. 

But, also be aware that all countries have lists of "prohibited" and "restricted" items, and if you fall foul of these rules, then your parcel (if selected for inspection, not sure how random that would be, but as I said I got stung recently) will likely be seized by Customs in that country.  In that case, the buyer claims non-receipt, Paypal give them a refund, and you lose your item(s) and all your money! In these cases, Royal Mail DO NOT provide any compensation.

The best thing is to check the Royal Mail website which now has lists of items for each country (and it seems to have changed - clothing is now allowed to Greece!)

Some of the things subject to restriction seem very everyday e.g. books, handbags and shoes are "restricted" items when sending to France - it says to contact French customs for more information - hardly worth the time and (I would bet) immense effort, it if the article is only worth a few pounds second hand on ebay!

Hope this saves someone else from the frustration (and loss of item and money) I just went through...

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