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a brief history of Ion Magnetic Therapy
The word "magnet" comes from Greek origin when a shepherd discovered a rock that attracted iron, in a place called Magnesia. This iron ore deposit is now called Magnetite.The Greeks recognized the potential of using the rock for healing purposes. Aristotle himself declared that these 'magnets" could be used for healing headaches and other aches anywhere on the body.Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who was of Greek ancestry, wore a magnetic charm on her forehead to which she attributed her beauty and youthful appearance.So why should you consider wearing a Magnetic Bracelet?

How Ion Magnetic Bracelet Will Help You.

    Increase blood flow by 300% The hands and the feet are the furthermost extremities from the heart. So by increasing the blood flow in any, or all of these areas it will give the circulation system a boost. Remember the right hand is the furthermost from the heart, so that is the preferred wrist to wear a magnetic bracelet on.
    To help with 24 hour treatment. The magnetic bracelet is a very important part of the overall healing process. Particularly if used along with other magnetic therapy products such as the magnetic mattress. The bracelet will continue to assist healing throughout the day, giving the circulation system a much needed boost, and the mattress will continue throughout the night. The very best scenario would be to wear a bracelet on each wrist for peripheral circulation and also use magnetic innersoles in your shoes. Then hop into a bed with a magnetic mattress pad. Then you are covered 24/7.
    It can help to relive pain in other parts of the body. If a magnetic bracelet is the only product you own, it is the one product with the most healing potential. If worn on the right hand (furthermost from the heart) it can in fact increase the natural endorphins (the bodies natural feel good chemicals) and may on occasion even relieve pain in other areas of the body. This doesn't happen all the time

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