Powerseller international payments - Bulk buying abroad

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Many powersellers buy the goods that they sell on Ebay from abroad. Buying in bulk allows you to get great discounts on price thanks to economies of scale. However the savings you make from buying in bulk can often be swallowed up when the times comes for you to pay for these goods. Making international payments through your bank is expensive. The exchange rate your bank will offer you as well as the fees they will charge for each transaction can eat away at your profit!

If you are buying goods from China, India, Poland or anywhere else in the world outside of the UK, your profits will be massively affected by the exchange rate you get when you buy these goods. Using a reputable Foreign Exchange Broker instead of the Bank can often end up saving you thousands each year. A Brokerage is far more likely to waiver transaction fees on regular payments and will offer you a far more competitve exchange rate than a bank ever will.

Keep costs down and profits up
Using a site such as www.comparecurrency.co.uk allows you to find the best deal when buying foreign currency. Compare Currency uses a comparison table to show what fees are charged and other features and benefits of leading Foreign Exchange Providers which include Online Foreign exchange Brokers and High Street Banks.

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