Pre Printed Autographs

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A Guide by Auto_Grafz (Formerly Sioux2)

Pre Printed Autographs are a great way to add Signed Photos to your Autograph Collection~and save money!

Original hand signed celebrity photographs can be extremely expensive~i know as we have been collecting for a long time~

Pre Printed/Replicas/Reprints are scans or copies of the original signed photos~usually listed or sold much cheaper than the original items themselves~ for example a handsigned Barbara Streisand original autograph will sell for around £700~this is simply beyond what most people can afford~a luxury which is an unobtainable luxury for most~

By buying pre prints you can build up a superb collection at a fraction of the cost~I have many Barbara Streisand signed photos and would sell a pre printed copy for around £5~this is a huge saving and once placed behind glass or in an album it is indistinguishable from the genuine item!

On eBay especially you need to take great care when buying pre printed signed photos~many are cheap tacky low quality copies just dished out on any old home inkjet~always check out a buyers feedback and read the comments other buyers have left~always be aware of a seller who won't let you read their customers feedback~if their feedback is marked as private be aware~do they have something to hide? Anyone who has great feedback should be proud to show it off~i know i am!

I for example only sell high quality copies printed out on PROFESSIONALY FUJI photographic paper FROM A PRO LAB~they are very high quality and look superb~and as a result i have over 2000  positive feedbacks~No matter how good a seller is you will always receive some negative comments~my few have been from brand new eBayers who didn't know what a pre print was despite the fact i use the wording REPLICA as everyone knows a replica is a copy! I always say "This item is not the original signed photo" We have always been 100% honest but you will always get the odd person who fails to contact you and just leaves a very unfair negative~it happens to the best of us!

If you are interested in becoming a seller of signed photos on eBay it's a good idea to build up a portfolio of originals and then you can sell a pre printed copy of each one over and over again.

We have over 11,000 signed photos and while i do sell some i am keeping the majority for my pension! However i never refuse any sensible offer if someone contacts me and offers to buy the original~ most of our sales are to raise money for charity so i can't say no!

Please be aware of buying fakes on eBay~eBay is flooded with them! Try and buy your originals from a UACC registered seller~or at least an eBay seller who has many happy and satisfied customers~

Check out the Internet~there are some great sellers out therer and some great bargains~another favourite place for me to purchase originals is "Amerellis Autographs"

I purchase a lot of my originals from a Canadian dealer who has a first class longstanding and genuine reputation~therefore you are guaranteed that the copy you are buying from me is from a reliable source~

Well whether you are just starting to build a collection, are adding to one or are consider starting to sell~just go for it! It's a lot of fun.

Don't forget to visit AUTO_GRAFZ auctions for some great rare top quality items at low prices!







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