Pre-filled information - a cautionary tale

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I listed a DVD Recorder using Turbo Lister (some time ago now!) and after selecting the Category you get the choice to use the wonderful pre-filled information (PFI) supplied by ebay.

Seems like a good idea, hey why wouldn't it. I thought so too and happily included the information in my listing and silently thanked ebay for making my life easier.

However after a successful sale of my DVD Recorder (Samsung R149) I get an email from my purchaser complaining that the recorder doesn't record to DVD+RW discs. Why did he think that the recorder would be able to record to this format? Well it's marked as being supported in the PFI.

But, oh no! A quick check in the online manual for the recorder and there in black and white it says 'doesn't not record to DVD+RW'. Yikes!

After a number of emails the purchaser agreed to post the DVD Recorder back to me (but really wasn't happy about paying the postage) and I agreed to refund his money including postage.

I felt at fault but hey was I supposed to check every single detail in the PFI to make sure it's correct? That would be more work that not including it! At no point in the process was I warned that the PFI might have mistakes, an easy addition to Turbo Lister surely.

(ebay cleverly put a little disclaimer in my listing that says that I'm responsible for the PFI when it went live by-the-way)

So in conlusion if you're selling an item then beware of including the PFI or if you do put a big red disclaimer in (like me) that indicates that it may not be 100% accurate.

And if you're buying then maybe you want the check online to ensure that the PFI is correct for the features that really matter.

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