Pre-owned instrumentation - the myths

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Old, obsolete, broken, outdated...

...some of the common ideas that come to mind with second-hand - or as I prefer 'pre-owned' items. But that is a very negative and - especially when we're living in a time of unprecedented financial restraint - often incorrect viewpoint.

But let's look at it another way:

Buying pre-owned can often mean current kit that's simply surplus to requirements. That can be with a user, a manufacturer or an agent who is simply looking to realise the value tied up. It can be almost new, regularly serviced and well-maintained with a good record of care.

Buying pre-owned means prices the are realistic - significantly lower than new, but clearly not in the 'junk' category. A good seller will be able to advise on the units they have on offer, not just try to make a quick profit.

If you're a buyer, look for a background in the sort of systems or analyses the seller's items come from. I know I wouldn't sell anything I didn't understand at least on a 'user' level.

And don't forget now that VAT is set to rise to 20% - buying pre-owned means you won't have to pass that rise on to your own customers!
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