Pregnancy buying guide - must haves

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I wish i had known about a few of these things before I had my baby - but they are the things that you learn about Afterwards - so here is a helpful guide to new mums or mums to be...

Get yourself a rocker/glider chair - they are comfortable, great to feed in as they have good back support and its very easy to develop sloping sholders feeding from breast or a bottle.  

If you are brest feeing buy an electric breast pump as they save so much time. Do give your baby a bottle of expressed breast milk from 2 weeks on at least once a day as this way babies will get used to a bottle and you wont have a struggle when you try weaning your babe from the breast.

Dont bother about washable breast pads as they dont keep you dry - buy johnsons breast pads - v good and absorbent

A sling is well worth buying and great for being close to your babe

Get two baby sleeping bags at least - they are brilliant for babes and for your reassurance at night.

Get a pushchair that is light and easy to fold and put in the boot of a car - the three wheelers might look great but are often huge and can take up a boot very easily. Try Mamas and PApas Aria pram.

Buy a mini diary or a beautful notebook - every day jot down things that your baby is doing - even a couple of words - its so easy to miss milestones in development and its great to look back on.

Definately get a tummy tub - an upright bath - such fun and I couldnt belive how much my little one loved being in there.

Get a bumbo for about 3/4months plus - they are great for a baby to sit in and they love the view!

Good luck and enjoy the adventure

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