Premier Drums Buying Guide

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Premier Drums Buying Guide

If you want to keep the rhythm going like the pros, the Premier drum set is an excellent option. This drum manufacturer provided percussion instruments for some of the biggest bands of the sixties, seventies, and eighties, making them highly popular among drummers of all interests and skill levels. If you are determined to add these high quality drums to your musical lineup, you have a variety of options to choose from including stand-alone components and premier drum sets.


Premier Drum Series

Premier Drums has released a number of drum series over the years. Depending on your needs, one series may suit you better than another. Beginners may benefit from investing in the Cabria series, an easy-to-tune group of drums that still has the strength to stand up in public performances, though more accomplished percussionists may wish to work with the Premier series. This flagship series features a maple shell construction and a precision-cut bearing edge, providing a sound that lasts, even in lower frequencies. Drummers who are as concerned with their set's appearance as its sound enjoy the Genista series, which features bright red lacquer and chrome fittings.


Parts of a Premier Drum Set

Building the perfect Premier drum set requires knowledge of each of the component parts. A basic Premier set includes various drums and cymbals. Begin by looking for a snare drum, which provides a back beat, and a bass drum, which adds a solid rhythm upon which you can build. Tom drums come next. Three toms is the standard amount in a Premier kit, but you can vary this number to meet your needs. A ride cymbal "rides" along with the rest of the drums in a kit, adding higher frequency sounds and complementing the bass drum's rhythm. A crash cymbal does just the opposite, standing out with a resounding "crash" that adds variation and excitement to the music. Finally, hi-hat cymbals provide high, staccato beats that round out a performance.


Choosing Between a Premier Drum Set and Standalone Drums

When purchasing a Premier drum set, you may wish to purchase a pre-established kit or you may decide to build your own from separate parts. Premier's variety of drum series ensures that there are a number of different complete drum kits available with certain strengths and weaknesses. Purchasing a pre-established kit ensures you have all of the fittings and you do not have to worry about whether the drums match. On the other hand, more experienced drummers who know exactly what they are looking for in a kit may find pre-established collections constraining.

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