Premier League Darts Ticket Buying Guide

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Premier League Darts Ticket Buying Guide

Premier League Darts is more than just a matter of throwing sticks with a sharp end into a circular target in order to score points. It is widely renowned as the largest indoor event in the world. This darts tournament was started in 2005, when it launched on Sky Sports. At first, the league games lasted for a fortnight, but now they can be enjoyed for almost four months, from February to May. The tournament is loved by many people, and therefore its eager fans quickly grab most of the tickets once they come on sale. When buying the tickets, there are several things to consider, including the dates, locations, players, and the price of tickets. By getting to know all about the tickets, it is possible to make informed decisions and find tickets with the best price. The tickets are sold in box offices, but it is also easy to find them on online auction sites, such as eBay.

Premier League Darts Dates and Locations

The dates and locations of the Premier League Darts championship are important to note. These are set early on, allowing people to plan well in advance. However, the final player list is formed much later, because it depends on how well the players score in other competitions.

Premier League Darts Dates

The tournament is held from February to May. For instance, in 2013, the tournament dates were set between the period of 7 February and 9 May. The tournament events are held once a week throughout this period. It is probably harder to get tickets for matches that are planned in May, because these matches are already decisive finals that most people want to see. As a result, the race to the ticket offices is competitive, and many tickets are bought before the competitors have even been established. An important point to bear in mind is that the games always take place on Thursdays. If travel is necessary, this may be an obstacle, as Thursdays are workdays. However, careful planning can help to solve any problems that may arise from this.

Premier League Darts Locations

The matches of Premier League Darts events are held in venues all across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Although the exact players who play in each place may change depending on who wins the first matches and ends up in the finals, the places where the finals and other games take place are already set. Therefore, people can choose locations that are nearby, or, when going to see the important final game, they can start booking hotels and packing bags for the trip. Thinking of such details is essential, and when planning takes place early and effectively, the championship games can be turned into a pleasurable event to spend with friends or family.

The exact locations of the Premier League Darts games are announced quite early, in the summer of the previous year. For example, the locations of 2013 were in Newcastle, Belfast, Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Exeter, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Brighton, Sheffield, Dublin, Birmingham, Liverpool, and London. This list demonstrates how many different places are used during the tournament. If one wishes to see all of the games, one really has to travel all over the country.

Depending on the location, the seating areas may be different. When buying tickets, one should check the seats, because these determine how easy it is to see the play on the main stage from one’s seat. In any case, the action will probably also be shown on a large screen.

Premier League Darts Ticket Pricing

As the Premier League Darts is a tournament, the type of match has a great influence on the ticket prices. Logically, the semi-finals and finals are the priciest of the tickets, because more people want to see them. Therefore, such tickets are often also harder to obtain. The ticket prices may also fluctuate over time. Generally, as with any event, the earlier a ticket is bought, the more cheaply it can be bought. As the event comes closer and the player names are announced, the ticket prices may also go up.

Premier League Darts Players

When the Premier League Darts tournament was first started, it featured seven players. Today, ten players compete against each other in order to win huge cash prizes and everlasting fame. Among these ten are the top four darts players, who are ranked according to the PDC Order of Merit, which is a professional ranking system that keeps the score for the top darts players in the world. Out of the ten players, the remaining six are picked as wildcards, depending on their performances in the earlier Premier League events as well as on their performances during the past year. Some people who go to the tournament in order to see certain players buy their tickets once they know who is playing and when. Generally, the players are announced in January, about a month before the first game. The ticket sales are likely to go up after the list is made public.

Playing Format

The way the players compete against each other is regulated. As of 2013, new rules have been introduced. The revamped format means that each player has to play once against everyone else. The bottom two players (according to their points) are eliminated from the competition. After this, the regular format is followed, and all players play each other once again. Later, they meet in the play-offs.

Star Players

The most famous player of Premier League Darts is probably Phil Taylor. This professional darts player, also known as "The Power", is the only one who has, as of 2013, participated in all of the Premier League Darts championships and won most of them. He holds many records and has a very accurate hand and eye. When players like Phil are playing, the tickets are more valuable, and people may be reluctant to give up their tickets. Therefore, it is best to make purchasing decisions early on if one wants to see Phil in action.

Raymond van Barneveld is yet another star player who draws masses together and can cause the ticket prices to rise. This Dutch player has participated in almost as many Premier League Darts events as Phil Taylor. Other famous dart players include Adrian Lewis, James Wade, Terry Jenkins, Peter Manley, Wayne Mardle, Simon Whitlock, Colin Lloyd, John Part, Mark Webster, Roland Scholten, and Gary Anderson. When one of these individuals is playing, the match is definitely worth a visit. However, quite often the players are not listed, because the competitors depend on who has won the previous matches.

Buying Premier League Darts Tickets on eBay

When looking for Premier League Darts on eBay for the first time, you can simply enter "Premier League Darts tickets" and then browse for tickets that are on offer. This can give you a good overview of what different sellers can provide. If you are already familiar with the venues and players and know exactly where and when you want to go, then you can make your searches a bit more specific.

In any case, once you receive the initial search results, you can sort them either by price or by auction time. These two options are a great way to determine your needs and find tickets accordingly. Pay attention to the auction closing dates and the location of the seller. If the championship event is due to happen soon, then you may want to discuss delivery methods with the seller before you buy a ticket. This way, you can be sure that you receive the ticket in time. If you deal with top-rated sellers, then you are likely to receive the best service and to get your tickets on time. In order to find good sellers, read the seller ratings and feedback left by other eBay buyers.


The Premier League Darts tournament is not simply a darts game played in a pub. It has become the world’s largest indoor sports events, with its own star players and plenty of fans. Dating back to 2005, the event is gaining in popularity each year and is constantly growing bigger. When buying tickets for the event, it is important to know about its dates, locations, ticket pricing principles, as well as the players.

The tournament takes place from February to May, with the players being announced in the beginning of January. The locations are determined in the summer of the previous year, thus helping people to plan their holidays. The games are always played on Thursdays. The venues of the championship games are scattered all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, and a true dart game fan who decides to attend each game has to travel extensively.

As with any sport, darts also has its superstars, who draw many enthusiastic fans. Phil Taylor, also known as The Power, is definitely one of the stars, as he holds many dart game records and has participated in all of the games up to 2013. When famous players compete, the tickets are likely to be pricier, because everyone wants to see the stars in action. Ticket price also depends on the time of the game, as the finals are generally more valued.

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