Preparing Your Fireplace For Winter

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As the evenings are starting to get longer and the days are growing shorter through the transition from Summer to Autumn the weather begins its decline into colder temperatures. Which is when the time comes for you to prepare your fireplace for the Winter months. Removing all the ash and soot and then adorning it with all your autumn trinkets, your fireplace needs to be cleaned properly to prevent any valuable decor being marked with soot.

Cleaning your fireplace doesn't need to be as hard as it sounds. With many materials on the market to complete the arduous task you are faced with many options which can make cleaning your fireplace effortless. However, not all products are suitable for all surfaces. Reading the label properly is crucial to ensuring that you have the correct solution to clean your fireplace.
With so many options available to you it may seem that any product will do the job. Many fireplace cleaners can actually do more harm than anything else. Many cleaning solutions containing hazardous substances have the ability to leave marks and scorches on your fireplace. A lot of the damage caused by these cleaning products is irreversible and hence should be avoided at all times.
The safest way to remove stubborn marks and stains caused by soot and ash is by using a fully biodegradable solution. Containing non corrosive substances, such a solution has the power to rapidly dissolve any targeted ash, soot and grime. Strong enough to remove these unwanted ingrained stains but gentle enough to use on a regular basis makes the biodegradable option more suitable for use around the home.
As the cleaning solution contains no harmful substances it is safe to use around your family and there is no need to wear any additional protective clothing or ventilation. No fumes are released from biodegradable solutions so there is no potential threat to your health and safety when using the product.
Best used on a cold surface the non corrosive formula can effectively remove ash and soot from a large number of different material surfaces. Compatible surfaces include brick, glass, tiles and masonry surfaces, as well as being suitable for seals and surfaces with finishes. By breaking down the unwanted build up of ash, soot and grime you then have the option to decorate your fireplace without the concern of ruining any trinkets.
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