Prescription Rx Sunglasses For Short & Long Sighted

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  • Do you play sport in ordinary glasses?
  • Do you wish you had better looking glasses for sport?
  • Do you wish you had sport specific colour lenses to help improve your game?
Current options available to you!
  1. Fitover frames: A separate sunglass frame to sit over your current prescription glasses, developed to fit over 90% of the prescription frames made today. This is a quick and easy option with no need to visit the optician but can be uncomfortable and for the fashion conscious, leaves little to be desired.
  2. Flip up lenses: one or two clip on tinted lenses that you clip to your prescription glasses for a quick fix to keep the sun out of your eyes. They are cheap but were never made to fit your prescription frame precisely so again have little to be desired on the fashion front.
  3. Authentic prescription lenses: Comes directly from the frame manufacturer, thereby giving you all the features of the manufacturers speciality lens with your prescription. Often with the manufacturers logo etched on them for a designer look and as a symbol of authenticity. These are restrictive due to the high cost of these frames. If you change your prescription you have to change the whole frame and therefore multiply your cost. Another disadvantage with these is the curvature of your prescription lens is limited and may not wrap around enough to cover your peripheral vision.
  4. Rx, Prescription adapters: A lens adapter, insert method developed to snap in behind the bridge and adapt a normal pair of sunglasses into a pair of prescription sunglasses. This offers the option of having an interchangeable insert between various similar frames with different colour options for different light conditions. The benefits out weigh other options where if the outer frame is damaged, that can be replaced cheaply, or if you need to change your prescription then only the insert needs to be changed at a very reasonable cost! A wraparound lens can cover your peripheral vision without the restriction on your prescription lens.
  Prescription Range within Kontrol adapters
 Standard Lenses: Sph -10 to +6   Cyl +/- 3.00
 1.6 Lenses: Sph -10 to +9   Cyl +/- 4.00
 1.67 Lenses: Sph -10 to +9   Cyl +/- 4.00
 Outside this range please contact us through ebay at Kontrol Sports Sunglasses UK
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